The Black Suns Criminal Organization is a long standing crime syndicate, one of the few with the ability to directly compete with the Hutt Cartel. It's role in the campaign so far has been that of an antogonistic force. They were originally hired by Master Vandrick to capture Febo and Hotaru on the planet of Gydon but the pair proved far too resourceful for them humiliating them with failure and weakening their position on the planet. Vandrick displeased with the Sun's failure broke off a very profitable buisness relationship with them in favor of the Hutts. Infuriated with losing their deal they blame Febo and Hotaru and declare vengence upon them both and any who seek to stand in the way.

Taking to heart Febo's stirring words on the nature of men who let themselves be forged into monsters following personel loss, top Lt. "The Man in Black" turned against the Black Suns.  At his debriefing with Suns leadership The Man in Black set a trap, smuggling in a heavy blaster rifle and mowed down the entire ruling class.

The remnants of the organization have fallen to brutal infighting and opportunistic manuvering by other criminal organizations like the Hutts to swallow. For all intents and purposes a unified Black Suns such as to compete with the Hutt Cartel has become extinct,

Relationship to Characters:Edit

Febo is hated by the Black Suns and has a current bounty of 12,000 credits on his head.

Hotaru is hated by the Black Suns and has a current bounty of 12,000 credits on his head.

Indali currently has a neutral relationship with the Black Suns.

Known Individuals and Resources:Edit

... to be discovered.

  • The Man in Black: The executer of the horribly unskilled imposter of Nym he's a brutal leader amongst the Black Suns and set up a trap for our heroes on Lok that resulted in the destruction of Febo's bunker.