Corler Vix is a  travelling Twi'lek Freedom Fighter.

Character DescriptionEdit

A green skinned, orange eyed Twi'lek of average height. Corler Vix is highly sarcastic and seemingly irreverent but this hides a dangerous amount of skill and intelligence. He deeply believes in the causes of freedom from corrupt governments and the rights of the people to have free speech, assembly, and choice in the decisions of their civilizations.

Relationship to GroupEdit

Prieviously a good friend of Hotaru for many years this relationship has been strained since he sold him out to appease Vandrick.

He shares some wary mutual respect but major politcal differences with Febo.

He has been helping Indali in a scheme to kidnap a corrupt Republic official. 

Known AssociationsEdit

Vix has been working the past couple of years with Master Vandrick.

Vix has connections to various rebellous groups amongst the New Republic and perhaps other regions of space as well. The full extent of these connections is unknown.

Corler Vix has taken a local militia man of the planet Gydon on as an apprentice of sorts.

Vix has an ex-wife living on the planet Taanab.

Known PastEdit

Corler Vix turned to vigilantism after losing a son to raiders on the farm he once owned during the galactic civil war.   He blamed both Republic and Empire for being so busy fighting each other that they would neglect the corruption and safety of the worlds under their care. The only reason he didn't die himself that day is a rebel group of Stormtrooper vigilantes known as The Hand of Judgement came into assist only moments too late to save Corler's son. They inspired Corler to follow in these noble footsteps and route out injustices and protect innocents in a way that couldn't be done for his own son. Following these tramautic events and a divorce from his wife he became a traveling anarchaist freedom fighter stomping out injustice wherever he could find it and protecting the freedoms and rights of the citizes against all threats even their own governments. Gradually he'd gather a whole small faction of supporters and comrades who would travel from world to world causing trouble. His skills, management, and distaste for current government systems reached the ears of Vandrik who offered financial assistance as well as an offer in exchange for helping Vandrick with a number of other projects.