Illamantar (talk) 16:34, January 3, 2016 (UTC)Indali Venusia Indali Vanutia Is believed to be at least in her own mind, to be one of the last of the Nightsisters from Dathomir that survived the Civil war on their world about 8 years ago in which both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo as well as Prince Isoldor of the Hapes Consortium overthrew mother Gethzerion. The result being is that dathomir is now apart of the Hapes Consortium and she now lives in exile. She has however taken a vow of vengence and a vow to protect one of the greatest relics of her people the Holocron of Darth Zannah. Indali has aged greatly with her time with the Hero's having forged finally shaky but nonetheless friendships with both febo, and Hotaru in an effort so far that looks set to pit all of the hero's against the Master. She More so than our other Hero's it seems views Master Vandrick as a great Evil that must be defeated. Once it is done she believes her goals lie once more again to pit the Darkness against the light for she knows the sith failed to complete thier task but she may be the one to succeed.

Sith TrainingEdit

The Holocron of Darth Zannah has slow begun to corrupt the woman Indali as time has gone on and her twisted powers grow stronger over her as each day passes perhaps worrying the rest of our hero's. But Recently she has had to go her own way within the Sith tradition as the holocron has been lost and she has yet to go about reclaiming it. As she now believes it only a tool to further her purpose.


High Inquisitor of The Confederacy Edit

Indalis changed form

Indali grew her hair once more but is Scarred by the Darkside.

Indali's goals within the confederacy are unclear to all but herself as her position within the hiearchy of the droid army is not a notable one yet it still carries with it and an unknown amount of power. One she looks sets to utilize to achieve her own personal ambitions. While unearthing the secrets of others she too will find what must be gathered from those that have hidden the dark secrets of their pasts and their present treacheries within the separatist government and the governments abroad.

The Awakening of the Sith withinEdit

 Indali's training is now complete as she has passed the test in the recent ritual fight against the holocron and the nightsisters to reclaim the box she now moves forward with her next move to construct a goauld shadow fleet on geonosis, a plan she will see put to action as soon as possible as her search also increases to free herself from vandrick control before time runs out she also seeks to uncover lost sith knowledge to put to use in the coming war, her deceptions have been subtle and crafty and even she is aware of the sacrfices to come if the sith are to return once more to the galaxy.