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It is nearly 15 years after the Battle of Yavin and things are finally starting to look up for a struggling New Republic. The Empire is a shadowed remnant of itself, Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on the jungle moon of Yavin 4 produces more and more powerful Jedi by the year, and much of the territory of the Old Republic has been regained. But from the shadowed corners of the Unknown Regions a new figure calling himself Master Vandrick dubbed by his followers only as "The Master" has emerged. An exiled member of the old Jedi order Vandrick sees the constant fluctuating of governments and ongoing military conflicts as being the result of The Force's attempts to achieve balance destroying the lives of many and sees breaking from this influenced as the only way the people of the galaxy can truly be free. He seeks to vanquish the hold of The Force on the people of the galaxy; even if it means changing what it means to be alive. On the planet of Gydon our heroes have been lured into a meeting with Vandrick who has a very special expedition in mind...




The Machinations of the Master Edit

Its been several Months since the Master guided our hero's along his scheme to destroy what the Jedi call the mysterious "Force" the man who calls himself Master Vandrick, has begun to slowly reveal his plans to members of his faction, but as the plot unfolds. Each of our heroes must choose, will they help their master and perhaps bring about the new order he promises? Or see to it that his project doesn't see fruition? To make matters worse relations with the Empire and the Republic have been tenuous for some time now, and instability within the Senate and the Moff council has slowly surfaced. As the two governments question how they can handle the crisis, they have both begun to seek help from possible mercenaries to uncover the Masters plot before its too late. Whispers in every corner have intelligence operatives across the galaxy trying to uncover the Masters secret's. Making many Senators and political entities nervous as to what the future holds, its an intriguing time, a conspicuous time and very little time is left before our hero's will be faced with their choice. Will they be prepared for what unfolds next? Rumors are spreading, lies are colluded with in every corner, will the people that the Crew trust turn out to be their worst enemies? It is too soon to tell.

The peace keeper

Cast of CharactersEdit







Corler Vix

Decker Halson

Drunk Guy



Rashiir (Rakatan Spirit)

Eejil Kendrick

The Red Lady



Master Vandrick

Senator Ishaira of the Hapes Consortium


Baron von Edington

Chaf'orm'bintrano aka Aristocra Formbi

Chancellor Consano (Algrai)

Doctor Felix

Gorbo the Hutt

Blue Eyes

Mirish Tygron (former Hapan Commander)

The Holocron of Darth Zannah

Hollow (dark sentient crystal)

Ikenzelu (twi'lek spymaster for Indali)

Mara Jade

Mia-Sanai (Cerean Historian)

Moff Drenlin

Morean (Algrai Commissioner of Education)

Naked Militia Man

Nightsister Silri

Quarren Slave Trader

Rek Pedd (Duros scientist)

Rizz (Rodian Hunter)



Zakarisz Ghent


Black Suns Criminal Organization

Commander Zandras

Jedi Knight Ayurra

Dresh (Devaronian Comrade)

Kellran the Hunter

Red Haired Jedi

Trandoshan Bounty Hunter

The Man in Black

Champion of the Arena


Indali / Eeros

The Saboteur

Cerani (Algrai greeter, daughter of Consano, assassin)


Characters from Far Far Away: Edit



The Queen

Unknown Goa'uld General


Gathering Forces: Current MissionsEdit

Febostaff: Constructing the Knights of Cortosis, Commanding the Separatist droid armies

Hotaru: Re-acquisition of Rakattan Technology, Forging Alliances, Developing spy network.

Indali: Fortifying a position with the Goa'uld system Lords, The resurrection of the Sith order, finding a new Sith temple, Preparing the Separatist Inquisiton.

Known OrganizationsEdit

The New Republic

The Imperial Remant

The Hutt Cartel

The Hapes Consortium

The Chiss Ascendency

The Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Jedi order

The Infinite Empire

The Sith Order

The Iron Nights

The Nightsisters of Dathomir

The planetary states of the Algerai

The Goauld Empire


This is a section for the players to take note of the information they've already collected about the campaign and the possible missions currently available to them.

Rakata Prime

Gathering Forces (see link for current resources)

The Graveyard (Final location of discontinued Rakatan projects)

No Longer Available: A Mysterious Droid on Mustafar, An excavation from the Remnant

Past Missions and Places:Edit

This is a section for the players to take note of any past knowledge of importance from older encounters.


Tatooine and Lok

Player's Ship YT-1930


The Peacekeeper (Vandrick's Star Destroyer)










A Darkened Moon (Outer Rim)

Durace (a world of purple storm clouds)

Goauld Homeworld [Karl's Note:do you mean their new colony?]

An Icy Sphere (Far Edge of Unknown Regions)


mir (The Seven Stones)


Alternative Universes and Cannon Flexible Sessions:

ST/SW Crossover: Ancient Rakatan Vessel

Gate Trek Wars

The Age of Revan

New Series Preview:

Swtor taris 0


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