An organization developed by Febostaf and fellow imperial war veteran Tam.

Purpose and Philosophy: Edit

To hold force sensitives accountable for the actions and to train a dedicated order of warriors to engage those who resist such notions.

Structure: Edit

3 different departments:

Knights (operate in teams of 3). Public Face, Anti-Jedi combatants

Shadows (Intelligence Operatives, Assassins,)

Scholars (act as Diplomats, spend life training like Mentats from Dune)

Notable Members: Edit

Febostaf (founder, leader)

Tam.(co-founder, deceased)

Pok (quartermaster, Rodian)

Malcom (manager)

Flim (actor, con artist, advisor)

Marlo (wing leader, former a-wing pilot, transferred to the Resistance)

Oso (Elite Soldier, Wullrin)

Ilthya (bodyguard to Febo, advisor, Chiss)