First encountered as a mid tier criminal leader amongst the Black Suns Criminal Organization he set up a trap for our heroes on the planet of Lok. He is known to his men and enemies as The Man in Black after the distinctive and all covering black combat armor he seldom removes. Few get a glimpse at the true man behind the mask, Devrik Cams, who turned to a life of violence and crime following the deaths of his familly during the Battle of Restus.  He blames many people on both sides of the war especially those who gained accomodatons for their actions such as Febostaf. He has vowed his vengence upon Febo and despite a certain amount of understanding of one another he still seeks justice for the familly ripped senslessly from him.

Character DescriptionEdit

Real Name: Devrik Cams. Muscular Human Male in his early 40s. Dark hair and green eyes usualy covered up by the signature suit he never removes in public.

The suit is stream-lined shiny black combat armor with retractable helmet.

Relationship to GroupEdit

An antagonist of Febo and to a lesser extent Hotaru.

Known AssociationsEdit

Has many supporters and lackeys amongst the Black Suns.

Has many enemies over the years as well.

Known PastEdit